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Infrastructure Committee

(Chair of Committee - Kevin Grant)

The Southwest Dream Team Infrastructure committee is committed to working to have a positive impact on the planning, development, and maintenance of roadways, bridges, sidewalks and bike paths, drainage, and other public structures by working with our local, state, and federal agencies to clearly communicate the desire and will of the people of Southwest Louisville.  Listed below are some of our current focal points.

KIPDA 2015 "TIP" (Short Term/In Progress Projects) and 2030 (Long Term Projects) Review

After meeting on August 13, 2010, our committee has produced a 'filtered' version of the 2015 - Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) (460 pages) and the 2030 Horizon (662 pages) documents that pulls out the projects that are taking place within Southwest Louisville area.  The original (unfiltered - full-length) documents are available from KIPDA at: http://www.kipda.org/Transportation/Drafts.aspx

Or you can download our filtered versions:

SWDT Filtered version of the 2015 - TIP (Tranportation Improvement Program) - (18 pages)

SWDT Filtered version of the 2030 Horizon Plan - (26 pages)

KIPDA will be holding a public hearing for comments on these documents on August 23, 2010 6pm-8pm at the Southwest Government Center on Dixie Highway.

I-264 / Manslick Road Interchange

Objective - Secure funding and placement on the state’s 6-Year Highway Plan of the projects to widen Greenwood, St. Andrews Church and Manslick Roads (from Riverview Park to I-264, 4 lanes with execution of ‘complete streets’, including pedestrian sidewalks and bicycle paths) and to construct a partial interchange at I-264 and Manslick Road (KIPDA Alternative 3).


  • 1973 - Partial Interchange Project was included in initial plans for the widening of Watterson Expressway. The intersection did not get constructed when this section of I-264 was widened in the mid 70’s. Reason unknown.
  • 2001 - City of Louisville Seventh Street Road and Manslick Road Redevelopment Land Use Study recommends the building of the intersection.
  • 2003 – 2004 --- Partial interchange at Manslick Road and I-264 was the top priority of the City of Louisville.
  • 2006 – Partial interchange at Manslick Road and I-264 is less than the top priority. This interchange is now one of the lowest priorities of Louisville Metro.
  • 2007 – Feasibility study continues. Final plan is either not complete or not available.
  • 2007 – Park Hill Industrial Corridor Short-Term Transportation Planning Study – I-264 and Manslick Road interchange is SW of the corridor and could provide an additional freeway access point and connectivity to airport.
  • 2007 – Park Hill Industrial Corridor Final Report does not reference or recommend the Interchange.

Our June 22, 2010 meeting worked to identify the following focuses:

Focus #1 – Improve Traffic Operations and Safety

  • Reduce accidents improve safety
  • Improved access from area neighborhoods to I-264
  • Emergency vehicles – improved access
  • Provide alternatives to Dixie Hwy from south end of southwest Louisville
  • Reduce congestion on nearby I-264 interchanges
  • Reduced wear/tear on roadways – better shared load
  • Expedited trips
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle movement away from Dixie
  • Bicycle access to attractions
    • Louisville Loop
    • Jefferson Memorial Forest
    • Riverside – Farnsley Moreman Landing
    • Iroquois Park
    • Waverly Park
  • Healthier city
  • Air pollution reduction
  • Improved access to existing and new businesses along corridor
  • Reduce ‘cut through’ traffic (Blanton, Gagel, etc.)

Focus #2 – Identification of Key Stakeholders

  • Churchill Downs
  • President Ramsey @ U of L
  • Business Associations
  • Biking Groups
  • Arena Authority
  • JCPS – Dr. Berman
  • Realtors
  • JHSMH – (Jewish Hospital)
  • Area Residents
  • TARC
  • Parks / 21st Century Parks
  • Arts Community
  • Distilleries (BrownForman, etc.)
  • Housing Authority of Louisville
  • UPS
  • Parker Truck Service
  • Fire Department / Police / EMS
  • Rubbertown
  • Riverport
  • Air Pollution Control District
  • City of Louisville
  • David Karem (Waterfront Development)
  • Fort Knox – get to city quicker
  • Church Leaders
  • GLI

Focus #3 – Identify Economic Benefit

  • Reduced road maintenance from less wear/greater distribution of traffic load on roadways that were intended for higher traffic load (less cut-thru traffic on Blanton, Gagel, etc.)
  • Enhance business opportunity/exposure – both new and existing businesses
  • Support Expansion of Hospital/Medical Campus
  • Direct access to Park Hill, Interstates, airport, U of L, downtown, Churchill Downs
  • Gained productivity due to shorter travels
  • Reduce traffic on Dixie
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Improve quality of life / improve perceptions
  • Increase business opportunity for downtown business to southend residents
  • Reduce school bus maintenance / fuel usage
  • Improve home sales in southwest Louisville and south Dixie
  • Breathe new potential into available land along route to downtown (7th, etc.)
  • Improve marketability of southwest Louisville as place to live
  • Improve marketability of southwest Louisville attractions

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