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About the Southwest Dream Team

Formed in 2008, the Southwest Dream is an organization consisting of business and civic leaders in Southwest Louisville. We came together to raise community expectations and promote the wonderful attributes of our community, with our goals being to: 
• Attract more quality businesses and employers
• Retain the educated and skilled workers currently living in our community and encourage more to relocate to the area
• And improve the quality of life for all SW residents.
Our mission is: we will lead a united Southwest Louisville to take action, to raise expectations and to energize our community.
Our vision is for Southwest Louisville to be the best place to live and do business by promoting and enhancing the qualities of our community.
Our Logo
The SWDT logo that is seen above and in all our marketing material was carefully conceived through countless hours of discussion. We wanted a logo that would reflect the pride and dignity we feel for Southwest Louisville. First, the 8 concentric circles are reflective of the 8 area business associations in Southwest Louisville.

Starting with the southwest corner of Jefferson County working in a zigzag fashion to the Churchill Downs area, the 8 business associations are as follows: Riverport, Cane Run, Shively, Pleasure Ridge Park, Valley Station, Fairdale/Auburndale, Iroquois and South Central. The circles are joined and fitted together to signify our working cooperation for the common good of the business community as a whole.

The many colors of our logo reflect the diversity of our neighborhoods. We are a proud and skilled workforce! We work in the aerospace industry, logistics, or just about any other you could mention. We work for great people and great companies, some of whom you have heard of, and others, you have not.

The 8 circles also represent the 8 initiatives as set forth by the framers of the Southwest Dream Team. They are as follows:

1. To seek to impact the things we can truly change i.e. the negative perceptions of the Southwest Louisville community, including our own.

2. To never be satisfied with the status quo and to work hard to create greater pride in ourselves and our facilities

3. To identify the crown jewels of Southwest Louisville and show them off to whomever may be searching

4. To form a Southwest Louisville alliance of business and neighborhood associations

5. To create a detailed map of Southwest Louisville that reflects the data needed to insure our success as we work to become the best place in Louisville to live, work and do business

6. To work with our schools, parents and principals, counselors and teachers to help prepare our children for a bright and prosperous future.

7. To establish a Business Development Center to attract expanding businesses and to assist in the growth and vitality of our current business community

8. To celebrate the victories!

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