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It is a great day in Southwest Louisville!

Riverside Farnsley-Moreman LandingThe Southwest Dream Team is focused upon improving the quality of life in our community. It seeks to involve every person who has a dream for a better southwest Louisville. Our focus is centered upon Dixie Highway as the heartbeat of our area. We seek to impact the things we can truly change such as negative perceptions of this wonderful area of town. We hope to market southwest Louisville as a destination for shopping, restaurants and leisure activities.
We will identify, publicize and effectively market the ‘crown jewels’ of this area such as Riverside-The Farnsley Moreman Landing, Iroquois Park and the Jefferson Memorial Forest among others. We seek to exemplify the pride of our residents and businesses in the area.Jefferson Memorial Forest

Be sure and check our site often for the announcement of our next meeting.  In the meantime, to connect, learn more, and even share your dreams, please visit our Facebook page.  We look forward to learning of your dreams for Southwest Louisville!

-Vince Jarboe, Southwest Dream Team President

For more information, contact us!

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